A Delightfully Simple Way to Build and Connect Robots and Things

Winner of The Siemens 3D Challenge and the IESL NSW Engineering Excellence Awards 2014 – Highly Commended Award in Engineering Innovation

No Coding

Projects could be completed without writing a single line of code thanks to the Ro-buddy software framework. But for those technically inclined, there are interfaces in Python and Scratch for extending Ro-buddy capabilities.

Make Robots

Ro-buddy is great for building robots. Think of it as Arduino on steroids with a killer App to go. But not just robots, you can realise many other hardware projects with matching Android control interfaces, fast .

Create App based Controllers

With the Ro-buddy Android App, you can easily create control interfaces for your hardware. Simply drag-n-drop. Let your imagination run wild.

Internet of Things

The combination of self contained hardware and the Android App makes Ro-buddy the perfect choice for your next Internet of Things project.

Connect to Android Devices

Connect your Android based phone or tablet to Ro-buddy through the built-in USB port and instantly you can control your hardware through your phone. Thinking of home automation or Android powered robot?

Connect to Raspberry Pi

Ro-buddy Hardware and App can easily talk to your Raspberry Pi. The combination provides endless possibilities.

Connect to Sensors and more

Ro-buddy is compatible with many common sensors and actuators right out of the box so you can start building sooner.

 Android App + Hardware

Ro-buddy is a tightly integrated hardware+software ecosystem for users of all ages

for the experienced pro and the newcomer alike


Hardware Tech Specs

Limited number of boards are available on a per project basis for experienced users. Please contact us to discuss your project to see if Ro-buddy could be a fit.

The board measures only 8.5cm x 5.5cm – similar in size to the Raspberry Pi.

Powerful Micro-controller

Atmel ATxmega 128 A1 low power high performance chip is the heart of Ro-buddy control board.

Multiple Hardware Interfaces

10+ GPIO pins (configurable I/O, PWM), 10+ (A/D) Analogue to Digital pins, I2C port and USB

Built-in Motor Drivers

Four powerful motor drivers built-in.

Audio Power Amplifier

The Ro-buddy board comes with a built-in Audio Power Amplifier for those projects that rely on powered Audio for driving loudspeakers. Great for Raspberry Pi audio projects.

Connect Raspberry Pi

Using I2C and built-in 5v regulated power supply you can easily connect a Raspberry Pi to Ro-buddy. Great for self contained Raspberry Pi projects.

Multiple Power Sources

Use batteries or external DC supply as needed or use batteries as a back-up. Great for home automation/security projects.

Battery Charger

Built-in Battery Charger/Monitor.

Android App Features

The App is currently in development (alpha). More features will be added as the app matures.


Control Hardware using Custom Control Interfaces

With Ro-buddy App you could easily create Custom Control Interfaces to control Hardware. Imagine building a home automation system complete with an Android based controller.


Drag and Drop

Creating control interfaces is a simple matter of dragging the required widgets on to the design canvas and setting a few parameters.


Control Raspberry Pi

Easily control GPIO ports of the Raspberry Pi.  Use the same drag & drop to create control interfaces in Raspberry Pi projects. You don’t need to have Ro-buddy hardware for this.


Video Streaming

Built in video streaming right inside the App. Great for building Spy-cams and Spy-bots using a Raspberry Pi.


What Will You Create?

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