A Delightfully Simple way to Build and Connect Robots and Things

Winner of IESL NSW Engineering Excellence Awards 2014 - Highly Commended Award in Engineering Innovation

Make Robots

Ro-buddy is great for building robots. Think of it as Arduino on steroids with a killer App to go. But not just robots, you can realise many other hardware projects with matching Android control interfaces, fast .

Create App based Controllers

With the Ro-buddy Android App, you can easily create control interfaces for your hardware. Simply drag-n-drop. Let your imagination run wild.

No Coding

Projects could be completed without writing a single line of code thanks to the Ro-buddy software framework. But for those technically inclined, there are interfaces in Python and Scratch for extending Ro-buddy capabilities.

Connect to Raspberry Pi

Ro-buddy Hardware and App can easily talk to your Raspberry Pi. The combination provides endless possibilities.

Connect to Android Devices

Connect your Android based phone or tablet to Ro-buddy through the built-in USB port and instantly you can control your hardware through your phone. Thinking of home automation or Android powered robot?

Internet of Things

The combination of self contained hardware and the Android App makes Ro-buddy the perfect choice for your next Internet of Things project.

 Android App + Hardware

Ro-buddy is a tightly integrated hardware+software ecosystem for the makers of all ages, pros and newcomers alike.


Hardware Tech Specs

*Micro-controller board is in development and specifications are subject to change. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

The board measures only 8.5cm x 5.5cm – similar in size to the Raspberry Pi.

Powerful Micro-controller

Atmel ATxmega 128 A1 low power high performance chip is the heart of Ro-buddy control board. 

Built-in Motor Drivers

Four powerful motor drivers built-in.

Battery Charger

Built-in Battery Charger/Monitor.

Multiple Hardware Interfaces

10+ GPIO pins (configurable I/O, PWM), 10+ (A/D)Analogue to Digital pins, I2C port and USB

Audio Power Amplifier

The Ro-buddy board comes with a built-in Audio Power Amplifier for those projects that rely on powered Audio for driving loudspeakers. Great for Raspberry Pi audio projects.

Connect Raspberry Pi

Using I2C and built-in 5v regulated power supply you can easily connect a Raspberry Pi to Ro-buddy. Great for self contained Raspberry Pi projects.

Multiple Power Sources

Use batteries or external DC supply as needed or use batteries as a back-up. Great for home automation/security projects.

Android App Features

The App is currently in development (alpha). More features will be added as the app matures.


Control Hardware using Custom Control Interfaces

With Ro-buddy App you could easily create Custom Control Interfaces to control Hardware. Imagine building a home automation system complete with an Android based controller. 


Drag and Drop

Creating control interfaces is a simple matter of dragging the required widgets on to the design canvas and setting a few parameters.


Control Raspberry Pi

Easily control GPIO ports of the Raspberry Pi.  Use the same drag & drop to create control interfaces in Raspberry Pi projects. You don’t need to have Ro-buddy hardware for this.


Video Streaming

Built in video streaming right inside the App. Great for building Spy-cams and Spy-bots using a Raspberry Pi.


What Will You Create?

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